7 Acres Wood

7 Acre Wood is located in Conroe Texas, near the Woodlands. Come play in a 7 1/2 acre old-fashioned Family Fun Park! Visit the petting zoo, mini golf course, western play town, huge playground, gigantic sandbox, zip line, horseshoes and much more. Healthy family fun that kids love!

Seven Acre Wood is open to the public all year round! Monday – Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm and Sunday noon to 5 pm. Admission of $8.50 gives you access to mini golf, the petting zoo, the zip line, the scooter track, the chalk room, the giant Lego room, giant chess, checkers and Connect 4. You also have access to a giant sandbox, Little Tikes town, horse shoes, ladder golf, basketball, soccer, tetherball, football, puppet house, playground, and swing set.

Children 100 lbs. and under can enjoy the pony rides for $5.00 each. Barrel train rides are also available for your children. 7 Acre Wood is the perfect destination for a wonderful day of family fun in Conroe, Texas.

Kids love the Petting Zoo

Children of all ages love animals, and they’ll love the petting zoo with donkeys, llamas, chickens, goats and kids (baby goats), deer, ponies, a cow, and ducks.

Meet the ponies named Parrot and Monkey, and arrange for a pony ride (WEEKENDS )

The staff loves Parrot and Monkey. They think you will too! They are very gentle. Arrange for a pony ride or a Pony Lover’s Party where all can ride (Pony led by our facilitator: $100).

Family fun at 7 Acres Wood

Children’s Playground with Youth Activities

7 Acre Wood has a large children’s playground with slides, swings, and a gigantic sandbox. Sail away on the boat or play in the Western Play Town. The youth love the zip line, mini-golf, horseshoes, and ladder golf. Great family entertainment.

Play Town

Kids love the old Western Play Town. Adults love that history can come alive. So, tie up your horses, mosey into the Jail, find the sheriff, and help lock up those bad guys. And watch out for Indians!

Putt Putt golf at 7 Acres Wood

Mini-Golf Course for Children of All Ages

All ages can enjoy a game of mini-golf together. A good way to build family relationships is to play together.

Field Trips All Year

A fun place to bring your school or other groups for a Field Trip. Great for youth group entertainment. Inexpensive, with options to customize your fun for the age and interests of the group.

For more information visit https://7acrewood.org/.