Earn money for college

Learn valuable skills in digital media while earning extra income and helping your community.

Elevate your potential

Gain the ability to effectively communicate your goals and accelerate your career potential.

Win Friends & Influence People

Learn and practice the skills necessary to grow personal and professional relationships.

Work for Yourself

The number one skill for entrepreneurs is the ability to effectively communicate the value of their product, service, or organization.

Agriculture & Farming

Farms & agricultural businesses rely on interpersonal relationships with contractors, vendors, customers, and community members.

Communications Majors

Jumpstart your career by learning the tools and techniques used by the best marketers in the world today.

Business Administration

As an independent contractor you will learn how to account for basic expenses and tax deductions. Business administration is as much about saving money as it is about making money.

Corporate Leadership

Corporate leaders are responsible for effectively communicating their vision and goals of the corporation to the public, to their shareholders, and to their employees.

What is Explore Texas?

Explore Texas, part of Explore.US, is a platform for people to research the best places to live, work, and play in Texas. We feature authentic stories about the people and places that make the lone star state so great.

26,000+ Communities Served

It is our goal to create a consistent user experience across all cities and states in America. We are constantly investing in user experience in order to best serve our communities.

11,000,000+ Businesses Served

Explore.US partners with the top data providers, including Google and Foursquare, to help our users connect directly with local places to shop, eat, and play.

1,000,000+ Real Estate Listings

Explore.US partners with real estate listing data providers such as Realtor.com and major U.S. real estate brokerages to help our users connect directly with local listing agents.

100% True and Authentic Stories

We take the user experience beyond data. At our core, we are platform for stories about the people and places that make America a great place to live, work, and play.

29-65 Years Old

Explore.US is solely targeted at people who fall into the home buying age range - typically 28-65 years old. This age group typically researches for months before making a decision.

High-Intent Home Buyers

Explore.US is primarily for people who are actively researching someplace to live in the United States. We offer users data and stories about where to shop, eat, stay, and play in America.

Learn valuable job skills and earn money for college.

Online Training

Upon completion of our digital courses, you will be able to confidently advise businesses in your community on digital media opportunities that can help grow their business.

Grow Your Community

Explore.US provides the platform, support, services, and tools for everyday Texans to promote their town as a great place to live, work, and play.

Lifetime Skills

The skills 4-H Members learn from Explore.US can be applied to all interpersonal relations - from corporate leadership to running the family farm.

Texas 4-H Club Member Benefit Summary

Lifetime Job Skills Training

Opportunity to Earn Money

Benefit Community & Club

Fun & Competitive Team Challenges

Access to Free Software & Services

Opportunity to earn scholarships

Explore.US Storylines

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New and Noteworthy Places

New & Noteworthy Places

Share the best things to do, amazing places to eat, and the local shops that everyone should visit.

untold stories

Untold Stories

Give a voice to artists, local legends, establishments, history, and traditions that make your town special.

small acts of kindness

Small Acts of Kindness

Shine a spotlight on the organizations and people who create an outsized impact in your town.

hometown heroes

Hometown Heroes

Highlight everyday Americans who are doing their part to make your town a great place to live, work, and play.

thought leaders

Thought Leaders

Tell us about the innovators and cultural icons who make your town unique.


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