1836 Steakhouse

The 1836 Steakhouse is a tribute to a crucial year in Texas history when the state gained its independence. Situated in a beautiful house constructed in 1836, the home was presented as a wedding gift from Dr. Joshua Thompson to his daughter, Sallie. Constructed in the Italianate country villa style, the structure is as inviting…

The 1836 Steakhouse is a Texan fine dining restaurant. Located in Huntsville, the menu serves up mouth-watering treats such as seafood, steaks, craft cocktails, and wine.

Here are three more reasons why you must enjoy your next meal at the 1836 Steakhouse:


The restaurant and its grounds are steeped in Texan history. The grounds are beautifully manicured and feature giant oaks and cedars. The interiors are a tribute to the state’s history. When you step inside, you are immediately drawn into the past. The place is decorated with American memorabilia. The wooden furnishings are made entirely from local trees. You will be drawn into a golden period of American history. The setting is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic meal or a celebratory feast.

2. Menu

If you are looking for a steak cooked to perfection, then 1836 Steakhouse is the place to go! You can enjoy a variety of cuts such as the rib eye, sirloin, New York strip, tenderloin fillet, and prime rib. Steak is not the only thing to feast on at the 1836 Steakhouse. The menu offers a variety of seafood delights such as the grilled snapper, shrimp scampi, coconut shrimp, and grilled salmon. The menu also features other tempting treats like pasta dishes, burgers, salads, and sides.

3. Drink Menu

At 1836 Steakhouse, every course is perfectly paired with a cocktail, spirit, wine, or beer offering on their menu. Some of their most popular cocktails are

–         Strawberry fields

–         Houston’s Sour

–         Guava Gimlet

–         1836 Mojito

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or an achievement, 1836 Steakhouse is the perfect place to do it!