1011 Bistro

If you’re looking for a mouth-watering meal that awakens all your senses, then 1011 Bistro in the city of Kerrville is your best option.

Located in the heart of Texas Hill County, 1011 Bistro offers diners a heart-warming experience. If the sight and smell of their beautifully plated food isn’t enough to capture your attention, then the ambiance and romantic views of the Guadalupe River will.

5 Reasons Why You Should Head To 1011 Bistro

1. Let’s start with their eclectic menu that offers American, Italian, French, Spanish, and Texan delicacies. You will find dishes like crispy calamari, Filet Mignon, grilled Caesar salad, paella, and Osso Bucco. Their menu offerings are seasonal and extensive, so you can be sure the ingredients are fresh, resulting in high-quality food.

2. Not in the mood for a complete three-course meal? No problem. At 1011 Bistro, you can tickle your appetite with their delightful appetizer and dessert menu. Expect to see American and French favorites like crab cakes, mussels in broth, and tuna tostadas. No meal is complete without a sweet ending. To leave you with happy memories, 1011 Bistro offers a variety of homemade international deserts like Pavlova, Crème Brulé, and Meyer lemon semifreddo.

3. If you’re a wine and beer connoisseur, you must head over to 1011 Bistro today. The restaurant offers diners an extensive wine and beer list. There’s also a tempting selection of sparkling wines and international beers-so there’s something for everyone! Top favorites include Pinot Grigios, Zinfandels, Australian Shiraz, Bud Light, and Corona.

4. The ambience and setting of 1011 Bistro is perfect for couples, families, and friends. You can easily host a small party or occasion at this venue. Their open terrace offers scenic scenes of the Guadalupe River which will set the mood for any event.

5. Last but not least is the service. The staff is charming and welcoming. They are knowledgeable about the menu items and its ingredients. In addition, they offer excellent recommendations and wine/beer pairings with the food.

Looking for a memorable and delightful dining experience in Kerrville? Head to 1011 Bistro today!